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lolcat links
caution: laser trees
(If you're not familiar with them already, there is an online phenomenon called lolcats. Go read I Can Has Cheezburger?, is funny.)

A post over at Live Granades asks, what would lolcats watch on TV? The answer is, of course, LolTrek. For the reader's convenience, Stephen transcribed and screenshotted the episode "We Has Tribbles and Also Troubles". This is a must-read for lolcat aficionados.

For lolcat scholars, Anil Dash is attempting to document Kitty Pidgin. The seminal document of this project, Cats Can Has Grammar, starts with an introduction to lolcats and then demonstrates that lolcats do have a consistent grammar. This is clearly the case since (and I'm sure some Cheezburger readers have noticed this) it's possible to write Kitty Pidgin wrong. It's an entertaining and intellectually stimulating article.

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That comic pleases me inordinately.

If you're not aware and/or got the Internet last Saturday?

- PS: How goeth married life?

I picture a BA Anthropology Master's student 50 years from now, trolling through a vast archive documenting the Rise and Fall of the LolCat. I imagine them thanking me for including the context, since so much of today's writing will be impenetrable gibberish then.

Married life goes well! It's much like not being married, except with a ring and a glimpse at a future of many years.

(Augh. Strike that "BA": too many letters in there. I attended a university graduation yesterday, and it all kinda starts flowing together.)

BA makes sense - you have a BA, but you are a student in a Master's program and thus do not yet hold a master's. Although slightly redundant *shrugs*

Anyway, I heard a commercial on the radio a few weeks ago, one of the new Shaw broadband things. A guy has taken Potential Customer A through a tour of the internet to show him all the stuff he can get through shaw broadband and they're talking and suddenly Shaw guy goes, "Hey watch out!" *something zips by noise* PCA, "woah, WTF was that?" Shaw Guy, "Cat video. You've got to watch out for them. They're everywhere in here."

I dunno...anthropology's just gonna be weird in the future. "Seems everyone worshiped these little silicon phallic statues and kept them beside their beds as some sort of fertility right."

Glad to hear married life suits you. Sounds exactly how I found married life, pretty much exactly. See also the bonus of no longer having family needling you about getting married, although they probably bug you about having kids instead.

You've probably seen this, but someone just sent me this link, reminded me of your post.. http://lolcode.com/home

(Screened comment)

Re: funnier than lolcats

Hi spammer! You suck. Die screaming with sharp things in your head. Thank you. :)

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