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I known some fanfic writers. Have you guys heard of FanLib? Maybe thought it sounded neat? I dunno, I'm not tuned into the fanfic grapevine, so maybe y'all already know what a crock it is. If not, though, one curious blogger did some digging and found out that the people behind FanLib are marketing it to copyright holders as a cheap way to get millions of monkeys to write marketing materials for free.

Just FYI. I'm curious though: how many of you have heard of this site before?

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i heard about it when they send me the invite.
and fanlib it's been driving lj-fandom insane for a couple of weeks now.
metafandom,fanthropology,fandom wank, some BNFs, and several media have reported it too.

i got here cause ive got fanlib as a google alert

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