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Patsy, 2004–2007
saxifrage flower

Patsy explores
Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
Patsy passed away last night, shortly after the previous post, at about 11:35 or so. He was a very long-lived mouse, being three and a half years old.

Today we gave him a burial under a rose bush with a small rock-and-Sharpie headstone. He brought a lot of joy into our lives, and he's already sorely missed.

When he was young he could and would leap several feet to keep out of our clutches, and earned the nickname "Popcorn Mouse" for a while. It was sad to see him so tired and shaky toward the end when he was so active and quick such a short time ago, but it was a pleasure to know him for all his brief life. I don't think he always knew what to make of us, really, but he seemed to enjoy our visits and the chance to run around on us, see if we were edible, and get pats on the head.

I don't think he knew that we were there with him in his last minutes, being far too tired and restful to be concerned with such temporal things. I'd like to think that his passing was better for not being alone.

Edit: And, thank you all for the kind words before. We did most of our mourning while he was settling into his passing, so they were right when we needed them.

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Goodbye Patsy! You were the second oldest Mouse I know... :)
I'm sorry you had to go. But for the life of a small rodent, I know you had it really good. You'll be missed.

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