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Miivi.com is a scam
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Spread the word.

Miivi.com is a video upload/download service launched by a group called Media Defender. This group works for the MPAA and RIAA to bust piracy using guerilla tactics. Miivi.com is a trap: The idea is that people will upload copyrighted material and then get busted for it. They even have the movie 300 available for download to catch people who don't upload anything.

It seems to me that by distributing 300, they are implicitly granting license to download it, but whatever. They're slimebags and nobody has lawyers enough to make that argument against the juggernaut that is the MPAA.

So yeah, spread the word.

And remember, despite the pitiful whining of the music and movie industries, file sharing is legal in Canada—we pay taxes on every blank CD and DVD we buy to make that so.

EDIT: Miivi.com is down for now, but spread the word nonetheless. They probably have more sites since and have learned not to fumble their launch so badly that they give themselves away.

Ironically, crap like this might give the web of trust concept popular traction that it's never had before.

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That's low. Really low. I would hope that an entrapment defense would work in this case should someone be caught by it. They're deliberately trying to get people to break the law so they can arrest them.

If you do the following, KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS


Has anyone considered legally buying 300 and then downloading it as a backup for personal use? If they sued you, they'd lose but have to spend a tonne on lawyers.

Re: If you do the following, KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS

The tactics seen so far are to sue indiscriminately anyone with the least pretence, and then rely on their targets having no money for lawyers to win. Unfortunately, that works in the States. Last time they tried it up here, they were told to sit down, shut up, and never try to double-dip again by the judiciary due to the existence of the blank-media tax.

Note: there have been political noised made to get rid of the blank-media tax. These are undoubtedly being prompted by the industry so that they can successfully sue here.

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