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Sleazy promotion
A not-to-be-named soft drink company has given LJ a dump truck of money in exchange for "sponsored" v-gifts. (See news for the fawning details.) Anyone can send these without paying, 10 a week, until some time in September.

Please don't send me one of these, even though they're free. It'll just put paid-for advertising in my profile which I can't get rid of. This kind of simpering hucksterism is the sort of thing I was apprehensive of when Six Apart bought LJ. They really are dumbasses who don't know who their users are.

Combined with the Great Fandom Purge fiasco, this does not sit well.

EDIT: Check out the v-gift pages for news, ljkrissy (their advertising person), lj_biz, and Six Apart's CEO barakb25. The comments are great reading. "The anger of a new generation."

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Dear God, why?

It's like chain mail for advertising!

I don't know the real reason, but the reason that their actions communicate is "we only value your juicy, succulent, ad-starved eyeballs, the wallets of advertisers, and any potential investor that we can get our desperate hands on".

In short, they're doing it for the cash. Of course, what they seem to be failing to understand is that the cash comes by making smart business decisions, not just any decision that has a dollar-sign somewhere on the contract. I mean, I have no illusions that 6A is a company and hence motivated by money, but by treating us users as merely means to make cash they're motivating us to leave. That's just incompetently trying to make money.

*flails her arms* Mooo! Mooo! I say! Lookit me, I'm a cash cow! Mooo!


(Deleted comment)
And I thought that the Pepsi-moodtheme was already ridiculous.

Did you notice they're all gone now?

You can click the links but the don't seem to lead anywhere

Now all Pepsi-themed "sponsored" crap has been removed entirely from the site. no_lj_ads and the_lj_herald are the only places I know that mention the change. lj_biz and news are silent!

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