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In stitches
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I have learnt to knit and perlpurl. The result is a halfway-finished knitted cotton dishcloth. There are a bunch of dropped stitches at the beginning and I've accidentally added about 11 stitches that shouldn't be there, but I'm getting faster, more accurate, and learning how to control the tension better.

Pictures may be forthcoming. Oh, the excitement.

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Cool. I had never the patience to learn knitting, but I definitely have to try again, later, because to give away self-knitted stuff is just so neat, I love the knitted scarfs my Mom made for me.

It was frustrating to learn, but after doing the motions and handling the yarn for a while I started to see how it fit together differently. It's gotten much easier. :) I'm still not holding the yarn "properly", but wrapping it around fingers and pinkies and crap just makes it more difficult right now...

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Re: properly shmoperly!

I'm figuring out ways to hold the working yarn so that I get some automatic tension and so I don't have to stop to pick it up every stitch. I'm getting faster. :D

I'm pretty sure the added stitches are from hooking the old stitch as well as the new one. I've almost entirely eliminated them since I started paying that more attention, so I think that's it.

The dropped stitches I'm still not sure about. I've caught myself going too fast and forgetting to wrap at all, which definitely accounts for some of them. Others might be from wrapping the working yarn the wrong way, which I suspect screws up the stitch in the next row somehow.

Isn't knitting fun? I have about a dozen half-finished dishcloths and scarves lying around somewhere, or used to, anyway... Good on you for learning!

It's fun now. :)

It was frustrating to start, but I've got a handle on how the yarn moves and where it should be during each motion.

I find that after a while it becomes one of those pleasurable OCD activities. You get the feeling of it, and then it's a lot of fun to keep it going perfectly.

Or, as perfectly as you can anyway!

I find that it takes a lot of concentration still. I've only been doing it for a while though, and if I keep improving at this rate, I'll be doing it by touch in no time!

Knitting is fun! If you want help, I've been making washcloths for 2.5 years now.

I suspect you'll find purl much more useful than Perl.

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More than one way to purl, or to Perl? :)

Perl is like a Swiss army knife that includes everything from micro-tweezers to a chainsaw. Unfortunately, inexperienced Perl users are like blindfolded people, and a blindfolded person who can't tell whether they've just pulled out the 1" blade or the gas-powered chainsaw is a Bad Thing.

I think the biggest problem with Perl ... is that they let programmers use it.

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