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Why fileshareing should always be legal
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Today, I used filesharing technology to do something that nobody expected it to be used for. I repaired a book.

I've had my copy of Kim Stanley Robinson's Green Mars for many years. Somewhere back in 1996-9, greenstorm's dog Sam ate the corners off of eight leaves near the climax of the book. During the summer darthmaus started reading the Mars trilogy and the missing text of Green Mars was going to be a problem soon. I didn't want to buy a whole new copy just to regain a few lost pages.

So I found a torrent of Hugo Award winners (which includes Green Mars), downloaded the book, pasted the missing text into TeXShop, typeset new pages, and glued them into my dog-chewed copy.

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Yes. As Maus said, you are indeed resourceful but slightly silly.

But hey! Anything to repair a good book, eh? ;)

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Unfortunately, that very volume is missing. The list starts at 1946, skips to 1951, and then skips to 1953. (It's also missing '55, which is the year that the Wikipedia article on They'd Rather Be Right says that it won the Hugo. Maybe it won it twice? That seems unlikely.)

And by doing so, probably made some publisher howl that they didn't get to sell another copy of the book. But for the purpose to which you put file-sharing, that was neat.

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