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Structural integrity
I'm reading The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches. Though they're all smirk-worthy and entertaining to read, #86 made me laugh out loud:
Wait! That Was A Load-Bearing Boss!
Defeating a dungeon's boss creature will frequently cause the dungeon to collapse, which is nonsensical but does make for thrilling escape scenes.

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Yep. It's the load-bearing boss, or we're supposed to believe that the fight was vicious enough that the whole place is coming down. But in either case, I want to know who keeps designing and building such flimsy structures.

The same Ancients who make Doomsday Machines that can survive flood, earthquake, sinking to the bottom of the sea, and/or being encased in ice, and still work as soon as the hero/villain activates it. Which then can be destroyed by several well-placed sword blows/spells.

This list of clichés is great.

Ah, yes, the same people who build great death rays that can be destroyed by pushing a button on the device to start an irreversible destruction countdown mechanism. I forgot for a moment.

I really want to talk a word or two with the architect of the Zelda temples sometimes.

Yeah. And the engineers, actually, for being able to build in those odd puzzles that we then spend lots of time beating our heads against the wall to finish.

Once you sell something to a shopkeeper, he instantly sells it to somebody else and you will never see the item again no matter what.

That or sells it back to you for an outrageous price xD

I like this one:

106. Law of Traps
No matter how obvious the trap, you can't complete the game unless you fall into it.

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