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I am looking for some gaming books.

West End Games is most well-known among gamers for putting out d6 Star Wars before their parent company went bankrupt and they lost the license to Wizards of the Coast. Less well-known was West End Games' Shatterzone, which feels kind of like Firefly's universe except with the hopefulness thrown out and cyberpunk thrown in.

I snagged a couple of their books—Brain Burn and Through the Cracks—completely by accident from a discount bin a while back and I have become intrigued by them recently. I think it would be a nice setting to run under Story Engine.

Do any of you gamers out there happen to have any of these out-of-print books kicking around? I think I can find them on Amazon or some other retailer online, but if I can find them locally from someone who's not using them and give them a good home, that would be even better.

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I don't think I have that one. Not sure I've even seen it before.

I've got a crapload of other stuff though. Mostly fantasy based though.

It's funny, because I've always been lukewarm about sci-fi roleplaying despite reading both fantasy and sci-fi, and despite preferring sci-fi wargaming over fantasy wargaming. Something about the hard-edge mechanism of the rules systems that tend to go with sci-fi games has always bothered me—like they had no soul.

Now that I'm getting deeper into narrativist roleplaying with genre- and setting-agnostic narrativist rules, I'm warming up to sci-fi settings a lot.

It's weird, but sci-fi is fun to read but somehow I'm not interested in playing it, for the most part. Put a game out with spaceship cooridors, and blasters and good guys fighting bad guys with "light-sabre"-y-thingys and I'm all "eh". But replace the plasteel with rock, lights with torches, stormtroopers with orcs, and light-sabres with *real* swords* and I'm all over it! Go figure.

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