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Do you want to go to the opera tonight?
We have two opera tickets for tonight at 7:30pm, and we aren't up for going so soon after Rowan's arrival. The show tonight is two short operas: Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic Chivalry) and Pagliacci (Clowns), at Queen E Theatre. The seats are in the orchestra section, nice and close to the translation screen.

There is a post at Maus' journal as well. The first person to reply (by timestamp) who can come and pick up the tickets is welcome to them.

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Dad and I are totally interested. Where be you located, dear sir?

Never mind, I managed to find your address tucked away in my mailbox. Any specific time of day better for than another? I can come by at any time really.

Oh wait, you're probably at VGH during the day, right? Argh, so confused!

SWEET. Calling you...

Hurrah! Because I already have my ticket. Row 3, seat 50. I will try to enjoy it enough for you, too.

Take care!

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