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Chocolate cake in 5 minutes
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Dizzy Dee gives us a recipe for 5-minute chocolate cake. Just don't read more than a couple pages of the comments—they are full of teh dumb.

We haven't tried it yet, but it looks doable and yummy. A perfect game-nights snack, I think!

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my friends and i are stoned eating the cakes now. they are awesome. and if we can make them anyone can. xDD

We have all the ingredients here, I'll try one this evening.

Tried it just now. Awesome.

Awesome! We still haven't had the chance (need cake flour, or a sifter...) but I've gotten enough positive reports.

Unsifted plain flour and baking powder should do the trick as well, hell, we in Germany have an awesome baking culture and don't have your fancy "cake flour" :D

Oh good! Thanks for the tip. :)

I think our baking culture has atrophied a bit due to how spread thin we are in North America. I know it's around, but it's harder to pass on to others I think.

oh so brilliant!

technology from the 1950's still making my life better

I will try one of these later!

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