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Cumin-flavoured soda: Not a win
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Virginia Spice Soda, for which I cannot find a link and which has no relation to the State of Virginia, is a dark cola-coloured soda that tastes like garam masala. It might actually have been tasty, too, or at least tolerable, had the primary ingredient after water not been salt.

OMG, so much salt.

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You know, garam masala flavored soda *does* sound tasty now that I think of it.

I should try whipping some up right after I learn to make soda. We make our own garam masala around here.

But I think I, too, will avoid salt. Ew.

I weep for all that Grolsh. God knows where this was. No "schwing" top bottle like here in Canada.

... why did you think that tasting a Garam Masala Soda was a good idea in the first place? D:

It didn't explain what "Spice Soda" meant on the packaging, so I only figured out that it was garam masala–flavoured after I opened it. But mainly, I'm adventurous that way.

Also, I don't recommend Tiger Malt. I can't quite describe it, but it did not play nice with my palate. On the other hand, last week's taste adventure was sorrel soda a.k.a. hibiscus flower soda, which was super-tasty. It's a Jamaican thing so I don't know how likely it is to find in Europe, but it's well worth it if you ever come across it.

Okay, so what DOES a malted tiger taste like?

Squirrel Soda?

I remember bitterness, but that's all. I didn't finish the bottle.

Hmm, okay. I'll stick with my root beer then.

I think that's wise. :)

Although, if you haven't yet tried the birch beer from Boylan's Soda, I'd recommend giving it a shot. Tasty, similar to root beer, but different enough that it's something else.

I think I did Hires Birch Beer while in Newfoundland. Haven't done the Boylan's one though. Need to give that a go. Thanks!

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