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(no subject)
I give you the Cheesesteak Egg Roll.

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That's one of those where I would have to try it before I could say yes or no. It could go either way.

Could be really good, if you like that kind of thing. Probably can't have too many of them, though.

I can't even eat a regular cheese steak, let alone a deep-fried one. Bleh.

I was in Philly once, in a restaurant, and watching them make the cheese steaks, and suddenly decided "this is not food." Too much grease and too many mystery ingredients.

Really? I thought it was just strips of steak, fried onions and green/red peppers, and cheese in a bun. Sounds tasty.

It does sound like the cheesesteak egg roll is like a deep-fried candy bar, in that a year's digestion should take care of it eventually...

No. An understandable misapprehension, though! It's actually strips of unidentifiable meat, bristling with fatty gristle, fried to within an inch of its life on a griddle and then mixed with Cheez Whiz.

To be fair, there *are* places which make cheesesteaks out of high-quality steak and actual cheese, but cheesesteak connoisseurs tend to dismiss these as "missing the point" of the cheesesteak experience.

The restaurant in the Detroit Airport made a mean Philidalphea Cheesesteak.

With real steak.

And real cheese.

But artifcial Philidalphea.

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