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A - Act your age? Bah! Ageism is as bad as the rest of those prejudicial -isms. My age has nothing to do with my act.

B - Born on what day of the week? Wednesday, the day with the name that I like the most, coincidentally. (To find out this information on 1) Windows: a bazillion clicks, and 2) linux: one line at the bash prompt. )

C - Chore you hate? Closet archaeology.

D - Dad's name? Douglas Scott

E - Essential makeup item? As a male? Uh, a nice cologne I bought at Fragonard in Grasse back in 1998: Concerto. The only cologne I've ever owned, at that.

F - Favorite actor? My favourite "That Guy" is Gary Sinise. My favourite actor might be John Travolta, except that he's a Scientologist, and Scientology is sucky. I'm sure I have a new favourite by now, but I'd have to think about it. Now, favourite actress...

G - Gold or silver? Uh, copper? Screw the verdigris, copper is just much cooler-looking.

H - Hometown? Vancouver, BC. I've been elsewhere in the meantime; I just happen to like it back here now.

I - Instruments you play? I can play piano one-handed by ear... If anything, my voice would be my best instrument, but my singing voice has been terribly neglected. So that's saying something.

J - Job title? Storesperson Level 1

K - Kids? Maybe eventually. No immediate plans or even foggy distant ones.

L - Living arrangements? A 3rd-floor, south-facing, not-too-small apartment, inhabited by myself, Erin, and a horde of greenlings. I do seem to be acquiring a few temporary abodes in town, though.

M - Mom's name? D. Joan Vollans

N - Number of people you've slept with? Five. I'm assuming that "sleep" is being used euphemistically.

O - Overnight hospital stays? One multiple-night stay, something like a week or a little more, if my morphine-addled memory of the time serves me. I had a broken foot. Ask me about how I broke it sometime; it's a short story, but of amusing circumstances.

P - Phobia? Public speaking, though not really a phobia per se. I just get an overwhelming, physical, fight or flight reaction. Usually I'm trooping along fine, happy that I'm not stuttering or blanking out, and then my body starts to freak out and distracts the crap out of my mind. It's gotten better in recent years, but I haven't needed to speak in front of a group for a while now so I'm not sure how I'd do.

Q - Quote you like? My current .sig: "Everybody in the world is bent." Spacehog, Never Coming Down, Part 2.

R - Religious affiliation? Affiliation? Ah... I'm mildly allergic to organised religion when it involves myself. I much prefer personal spirituality to institutionalised. My current spirituality is inspired by some of the good things about Christianity such as loving neighbours and faith in one's fellows and the like, blended with a bit of Taoism and a whole lot of just "this feels right and good" developed over a lifetime. Throw in some "an it harm none" and you might be getting close to my spiritual beliefs.

S - Siblings? One brother two years my junior. Driven, partying, highly social, dark of skin, physically active, a bit of a player, thumbs his nose at the world; he's the other half of a study in contrasts.

T - Time you wake up? 4 or 5... PM. I work night shift.

U - Unique habit? Umm... umm. Hmm. That's a tough one. Possibly spewing non-sequitors in languages I don't speak. Deine Katze hat keine Ohren! Thank goodness that Jan doesn't read this journal.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? Peas. A big heap of steaming peas is the most unappetising thing anyone could put on my plate. They're fine mixed into mashed potatoes or in shepherd's pie, but they just make me gag on their own. They're ok in the pod, but I'm told that those are a different variety.

W - Worst habit? Interrupting people when they're talking because I think I've understood what they're getting at and get impatient to rebut what I think they're saying. More often than not I'm dead wrong, thus the 'bad' part of "bad habit."

X - X-rays you've had? The usual dental shots for checkups, a panoramic in preparation for having my wisdom teeth removed, a number of my foot when I broke it. I was convinced it was only sprained until they showed me the x-rays.

Y - Yummy food you make? Risotto. And not that rice-shaped pasta (orzo) either, the real stuff, from scratch, without a recipe. Of course, I can barely cook anything else with a recipe. So either it's an incredible skill or it just makes up for my lack otherwise.

Z - Zodiac Sign? Gemini, and it suits me too. No, I don't believe in astrology.

Lifted from mightywombat.


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