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(no subject)
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Cyber hunting people is entertaining.

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Oh dear :)

Look at the profile pic. Isn't that much nicer? That other one, someone photoshopped it to look like that. Really.

BTW, that's a Lola I'm licking. I remember that gathering; it was just before I left Toronto.

Yes, that pic is very nice.

The second pic of that gathering is still very cute. ;)

Despite the titles and content of those pictures, I was not smoking anything, and in fact was quite sober. The "POT" stands for potluck.

Was just cruising through that whole gallery; many of those people are my exes :)

I knew about the potluck. I wouldn't be a cyber-hunter worthy of my search strings if I hadn't investigated that far. ;)

Didn't know about the ex's, though.

No, I haven't told you about those interesting days yet :)

Girl I still miss. *sigh*

Actually, the ninja above is the German, not I.

Here I thought you might have dug up some interesting stuff, but it's all published through my journal by some string of hyperlinks or another. ;)

Amusingly and by some strange coincidence, the smiling person on the front-page banner at Cascade's site is (da-da-DUM) my mom.

hey .. give me a break ... did that in the 2 minutes I was home and at my machine.

Is speed-stalking an Olympic sport, yet?


no ... sadly not. It really should be though!!!

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