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Gaming blog?
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This is a two-part informal poll for y'all.


So, I've been writing a lot about gaming lately. I've really appreciated and enjoyed the discussion that some of you have brought to it as well. I'm wonder now what the rest of you think. Have I taken a sharp left turn into Boringlandia? Is it utterly captivating but you just have nothing to contribute to the conversation?


In a related turn, I've set up a separate WordPress blog for just my gaming posts. I think that platform is more conducive, for various technical and social reasons, to interacting with other gaming bloggers and contributing to the Blogowebs of gaming. A big motivation is wanting to put my thoughts out there where more people can read and respond, but I can keep talk about my life and personal details separate.

That raises some questions of how to handle both my LiveJournal and my WordPress blog. I can stop blogging about gaming stuff here except when it's more about life than gaming. I can cross-post to both, which would have some redundancy but wouldn't discourage any of you from continuing to read and talk about gaming stuff I bring up. I could stop blogging about gaming here and create a Feed account that pulls from my WordPress blog so that you can keep easily reading it on your Friends list. I have OpenID commenting enabled at the WordPress blog, so you could still comment there using your LJ account. It would involve more clicks, though, which might mean fewer of you bother.

I'm also thinking of friendslocking my gaming posts here to avoid annoying other bloggers with duplicate pingbacks from my cross-posts. (Although, if anyone knows how to prevent LJ from sending pingbacks when I post, that would be awesome.) That would shut out anyone not already on my friends list, but I'm not sure how many of you there are in that category that want to read/comment on my gaming stuff. Are there any of you? If there are, would you be perfectly happy reading a Syndicated Feed and commenting via OpenID on my WordPress site?

Anything else that I haven't thought of? As I started this off, I've really enjoyed the conversations I've had with you all on my gaming posts, so I don't want to discourage that.

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I'm not a gamer- my sole RPG experience was when a couple friends and I tried (once) to play the Elfquest RPG when I was about 14. But I enjoy your posts on the subject, I find them well-written and engaging, and would like to keep reading them in whatever way works best for you.

Hmm, as your LJ friend and a non-gamer, I skip over the gaming posts (although that Social Sciences game did intrigue me quite a bit).

Yet another option would be to friendslock your gaming posts here (assuming they are already posted on the Wordpress Blog) to a special filter of your LJ friends who like to read about gaming. If you did set up such a gaming filter, I would prefer to be left off.

That said, I enjoy reading your journal in general, and don't mind skipping or skimming whatever gaming posts do show up on my friends page.

ditto here. I have in the past been a gamer, but not so much anymore, so I sometimes read your gaming posts but I must admit I also often skip them. I think you should keep posting about whatever turns your crank though, that's what blogs are for. And we will sort ourselves out about what we want to read and don't.


The mechanics of gaming aren't interesting to me, but a simple lj-cut suffices.

The more gaming stuff you post on LiveJournal, the better. LJ-cuts are fine by me.

I do have an interest in gaming, however most of what you talk about is completely beyond my experience and ability to comprehend, so while I do try and read each post my brain usually becomes a bit of a muddle at the end of it. I can usually follow along all right, but with a lot of information in my brain missing, so I do not get the full effect from your posts. It's like listening to someone talk about brain surgery; I know enough about brains from science and psychology classes to know what the thalamus is, for example, but everything else is pretty much just a string of fascinating sounding words with a bit of interesting vehemence behind them.

I do like reading them (mostly because it's good to see you posting again in whatever context), but I don't really have a preference with how you present them in any way. If you make them independent of LJ, though, there is a chance I will probably never see them due to my own ineptitude with adding new links to my roster. A LJ feed would be perfect, or the cross-blogging, or the friends filter... but I don't have much of an opinion either way. I wouldn't mind the extra clicks for a feed at all, so any option in which LJ is included isn't going to influence me much.

(Sorry about the double comment; made a rather silly error.)

I find it interesting that you pose this question at the same time as I am wondering about the content of my own livejournal. The reality is, if I'm interested in the topic of someone's journal, I read it; If I'm in a hurry or find the topic doesn't catch my attention, I skip over it. You've re-kindled my interest in gaming, though I distinctly remember the dissatisfied feeling of only making three moves in five hours of play, while your posts seem to infer there is more enjoyment to be had from a well-organized event ;)

I like reading about your insights and experiences and would like to continue reading - I promise I won't mind if you skip my recounting of what jam I made or what I dug out of the dirt. These are 'our' personal journals after all.

I enjoy Kynnin-posts because they are always well-informed and interesting. I ignore gaming ones that I don't initially understand upon scanning them (since I don't know much about gaming) but read the ones (and comments) of posts that remind me gaming is beyond one-dimensional (prime example would be the skin-colour-musings post, and other posts of the like that cover issues not inherently specific to gaming).

Bottom line of my opinion: do what you want, if your readers do/don't want to read it they will or won't! If you switch gaming posts to another blog only, I'd probably add it to my RSS feeds and read ones with titles that grab my attention.

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