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(no subject)
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Thinking a lot recently. Lots of good stuff and lots of squicky stuff. The good stuff is life around me doing wonderful things. The squicky stuff is such mostly because it's my own head being a pain and getting in the way of fully appreciating the good stuff.

Anyway, while I'm still thinking and not ready to really write anything less vapid than a breakdown of my recent itinerary, here's a quiz:

The Myers-Briggs personality test.

I am an iNTp: Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving (67%/56%/11%/67%)

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I came out as an INFP. This is sufficiently vague to be accurate ;-) I especially like the bit about masquerading in an ESTJ business suit, which I definitely do under pressure.

I actually found mine to resonate in quite a few details. Yours reads very vaguely to me.

Maybe it's just a self-recognition thing.

I wonder what the "Companion" type relationship means?

Aha, yes, apparently we have to pay for that information :)

I'm content to just be companionable without paying for a guide to tell me why I'm doing it. ;)

Yeah, no kidding -- I already knew you were companionable :-)

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