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twitch sigil

Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
No explanation needed.


Okay, here's some explanation.

... And a whole lot more.

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YES. Rejected is awesome!

"For the Love of God..."

I will refrain from completing that quote. To not spoil it! Yeah, that's why. Yep.

Exactly. After all, you're watching The Family Learning Channel.

I'd say that you were a terrible parent, but I would probably do the same thing.

But the real question is, will this meme have any relevance by the time he's grown up and dating girls and the inevitable unveiling of the baby-photo album occurs?

This raises questions of the lifespan of internet memes in relation to things like catch-phrases from popular television shows, and the internet as a culture with history. But really I just like thinking of albums full of photos with lolcat captions.

I think the easy reincorporability of things on the internet give them a bit more lifespan. So long as people keep riffing off something and reinventing it (how many people are there, I wonder, who say "you have no chance, make your time" or some variation thereupon who've never seen the video?) memes will stay alive in a way.

Come to think, that's a goodly part of why they're called "memes". They mutate and reproduce in our brains.

That said, I can't imagine what the state of culture will be in fifteen years.

(Also, his mother did a lolfetus: IN UR BELLY, MAKIN U NAUSHUS.)

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