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The Conservatives have killed 19 people this year
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Sure, they're offering lower taxes. But they've as recently as this past April put in place food-inspection policies that directly lead to the death of 19 people from listeriosis infections during the massive outbreak this summer.

What? Yeah, I found it hard to believe as well. In April the federal Conservatives slashed 12% off the budget of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (to reduce your taxes). To continue operating with that deep a cut, they also instituted a policy where food companies write their own food safety reports and send them to the Agency.
As of April 1, a new federal policy was put in place to allow the food industry to submit reports to food inspectors, instead of having inspectors on the factory and slaughterhouse floors.

The issue of food safety was front and centre earlier this month after a nationwide listeriosis outbreak that was linked to bacterial contamination at a Maple Leafs Foods plant in Toronto. So far, 19 people have died from listeriosis related to that outbreak. — "Food industry not trusted to police itself", CBC.ca

That's just incredible. That's like having a theatre owner review their own renovations and just tell City Hall, "Yeah, I promise it's to Fire Code." Like hell it is. The result is unprecedented food-safety failures like the one at Maple Leaf Foods. Why isn't this on the front page of every newspaper and mentioned in every election story? Harper has apparently decided that China's food safety policy is a model to follow, and he thinks he can get re-elected!

So, death or taxes, which is more important to avoid? I know how I'll be voting on October 14th.

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I don't think a room full of kindergarten kids could come up with something stupider than this.

Even CBC is being weak on this one. The last part of the headline is the icing -- "Food industry not trusted to police itself, poll suggests" -- POLL SUGGESTS? The fact that 19 people have died isn't even the story here, it's that NEWS FLASH WE ASKED SOME PEOPLE IF THAT WAS A BAD THING

Gah. Sounds like Harper is taking a page from the American conservative playbook. Stop him at all costs if this is the case.

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