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Palin: The End Times for the GOP?
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(Important aside: If you're an American wanting to vote next month, did you know that in many States you have to be registered by tomorrow? And in others you've got less than a week to register? No? Go do it then! Otherwise, you don't count. Most States have online voter registration, so you've got no excuse. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled journal entry.)

Palin believes in the End Times, which is funny, because she might just represent a different kind of End Times for the Republican Party. Consider: if McCain/Palin win the election in November, their administration is likely to be so disastrously bad that the Republican Party might actually self-destruct. The rifts in the party are already showing and those just from McCain's uncontrollable anger and Palin's uncontrollable babble.

Hopefully, if a McCain/Palin administration comes to pass, the Democrat's dominance of the House will prevent any world disasters—such as, say, bombing Iran—and they'll implode without too much mess.

I'm cautiously optimistic that American's will choose sanity and Obama, but more of the blatant vote-rigging and deliberate disenfranchising that the GOP did the last two elections might steal it still. It's good to have a silver lining set up for that contingency, however tarnished it might be.

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For anyone interested in how belief in the End Times affects US government policy, I highly recommend the detailed dissection of the "Left Behind" novels at Slacktivist. It's a long read (186 posts so far), but it really shines a light on how poisonous these beliefs are.

It's not as exhaustive as Slactivists, but here's a great summary and analysis by Joe Bageant, author of your guide to American apocalyptics, "Deer Hunting with Jesus".

The guy has become a minor celebrity in Europe and Australia because he tries to answer the questions everybody has about the USA. There's some stuff on Youtube.

Edited at 2008-10-03 09:11 pm (UTC)

Slacktivist is great! I've always been glad for his writing, since it proves that it's possible to be a sane, unhypocritical Christian.

I particularly like his article on how the prohibitions against shellfish, pork, Romans, and homosexuality were repealed in the New Testament: The Abominable Shellfish: Why some Christians hate gays but love bacon.

Darn you for linking to that Wikipedia article on the End Times. The baby fell asleep on my lap, and I ended up learning far more than I ever knew about Rastafarianism.


I'm kind of glad there's still a month to go until the election; it gives them more of a chance to prove to the public how utterly insane they are.

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