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I like pie, so this is a post about pie.

It started with Slacktivist and apple pie. The rest of these links are from the comments there.

I've never had sweet potato pie, so I'm going to make some this weekend. It looks like we have everything except the sweet potato, so that's pretty good. My only wonder is if by "sweet potato" the recipe means sweet potato or yams. It's 50-50 either way with those wacky Americans. I'm guessing yams, going by the picture.

Of course, what makes or breaks a pie is the crust. A commenter recommended this all-butter pie crust, noting that the key is to work with cold butter and to avoid handling it, what with hands being warm and all.

Then, a link to John Scalzi's recipe for Schadenfreude pie caught my eye. I... don't think I'll be making that this weekend. I think the sweet potato pie will be rich enough. It looks pretty good though, and we all indulge in a little bit of Schadenfreude once in a while.

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I've never eaten a "sweet potato pie" marketed as such, but did have an obscene amount of leftover mashed yams one Christmas. I used a traditional pumpkin pie recipe, substituting yam for pumpkin. The result was... pumpkin pie. Delicious, and nobody could tell the difference.

One question is whether it would be tastier to bake or boil the sweet potatos to get the raw materials. Boiling is easier, but baking might be tastier.

They mean sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are sometimes called yams in the US, however, the reverse doesn't occur. Yams are actually pretty hard to find here. Sweet potato pie, therefore, almost certainly means sweet potato.

It tastes a lot like pumpkin pie, except that if you bite into one thinking it's pumpkin pie you'll be sorely and bitterly disappointed.

I've found the reverse is fairly common in processed food, though. We had some jars of baby food marked "sweet potato" that was definitely yam. Possibly it's a supply thing: here yams are more common, so maybe a company with a "sweet potato" product will just use whichever potato-shaped, sweet thing is most available locally?

Hence the whole bucket of confusion and second-guessing. Also, the picture's colour looks more like yams to me. We bought sweet potatoes anyway, though.

Sweet potatoes are whiteish, and shaped like ugly potatoes.

Yams are orange and shaped like *REAL* ugly potatoes.

No, it's the other way around. Sweet potatoes are orange. Yams are - at least sometimes, there are varieties - white.

See, that's where the confusion comes from. Up here, a yam is orange, while a sweet potato is whitish. Both are easy to get, though yams (orange type) are more common.

Nonetheless, the sweet potato (whitish sort) pie that we made on the weekend was tasty.

Potatoes are white and sweet potatoes should *also* be white. Yams are the other ones.

Of course it doesn't help any that you can't really tell from the outide because both are kinda orange-ish and not "potato-shaped".


This is how to segregate the "people you read" from the "people with permission to read you", in case you were interested.


Yeah, I'm already doing that to save my sanity since Mr Monkey colonised most of my attention. One list is necessarily a subset of the other, though, so they're not as decoupled as I'd like. And, there's the social meanings people inevitably attached to the title of "Friends list".

I just spent two minutes staring at your icon waiting for its tail to move and confirm that I wasn't hallucinating.

I never worried too much about the people I read having permission to read me since they're often not interested. I also don't really post anything particularly scandalous, and if I did I could use filters. I am going to friend you though. Please don't feel you need to friend-back or read me (ooh, there are those social implications!).

Right, it's about desire to friend rather than obligatory reciprocation. :)

I like the Obama cookie.

The icon is pretty sweet. I keep meaning to update it with more twitches, but I never get around to it. ...Or do I?

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