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Wallowing in Consumer Electronics
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It's my birthday soon. My mom and grandma conspired to buy me a TV, which I've been wanting for a while and failing to save for. I don't watch actual television, as in television broadcasts or cable, but I do watch movies and like to play video games. It's funny, because I've owned a VCR for more than a year and not owned a TV to go with it.

So anyway, I've got a TV now, a decently-sized one for any use I'll put it to; 19 inches is plenty for someone who doesn't lounge on the couch watching Simpsons and Sex in the City every evening. I brought that home yesterday morning on my way home from work.

My granddad sent me some cash, as he usually does, being far away and trusting that I'll know what I'll enjoy better than he could guess. After waking up and proceeding to go about my day, I was wondering what I would do with it all. The thought occurred to me to wander around A&B Sound and buy all those CDs that I've been wanting (TMBG's Dial-A-Song, for one), and checking out the selection of computer games there. For computer games, though, my machine is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I wasn't too hopeful about that, and I didn't think I could happily spend it all on CDs.

My SO casually mentioned that, now that I have a TV, I could go out and buy that PS2 that I've been wanting for a while. This set off a train of thought, thus: the PS2 is getting long in the tooth, too, and isn't a wonderful DVD player (one of which I've wanted for a while too, after the TV); what I really want is a DVD player with exactly the feature set I desire, such as region-free decoding and other niceities that the MPAA would rather the free market not consider; I know people with PS2s and Xboxen and it would be a slight redundancy to own one myself; I really, really, want to play Metroid Prime.

I am now the proud owner of a GameCube. It's black, and came with Zelda, and GC ports of Zelda 64 and Zelda 64: Master Quest bundled. It didn't come with a memory card, so I'll go burn some of my credit and get one tomorrow or Friday.

My granddad and grandma are going to get very nice thank-you notes.

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GameCube isn't a DVD player at all, though!!!

I know, and I'll have to buy one separately at some point. I'll be putting a whole lotta research into what particular model I want so that I can make sure it's just right. Definitely, definitely want region-free decoding. Not that I expect to use it, but I'd be annoyed if I ever wanted to see something and region encodings got in my way.

Actually, come to think, anything that the German might bring with him during his visits would need a region-free player, so it may actually have a practical use.

But to be pedantic, the GameCube is a DVD player in a way, since its discs are mini-DVDs. ;)

An XBox with a mod chip will play DVD's region free - and it's even legal in Canada :)

I didn't know it was legal; sweet.

But, I do believe that XBoxen can't play MP3s, oggs, nor VCDs. On the pro side, though, they can run linux...

In a DVD player I mostly want the ability to play music in various formats, and region-free decoding.

Whatcha doing *for* your birthday dood????

*preparing the instrument de bumpin'*

*slightly surprised*

Y'know, I hadn't thought of it. I usually don't really do anything, come to think. :)

Tomorrow I'm going out to a combined birthday dinner for my brother and I (we're less than a month apart), but that's all I've actually got planned.

Got an idea? :D

Well, boyee, the classic b-day thang is the party.
Or the dinner-with-friends someplace thing.
Or, you could do a gaming till you puke thing.
Or a movies type thing.
Or you could do some random going out and doing stuff thing...(out? stuff?)

Anywho, for options A or C/D I would volunteer my living space.

Mmm, movies sounds good. And, to make up for my lack of movie-experience, I know lots of people who would recommend movies!

Ooh, we could watch more Troma films, for one!

Maybe an "everyone BYOMovie" night?
We all bring flicks, and you choose (if you're feeling dictatorial) or we vote (if you're feeling diplomatic) on what to watch.
And snacks and sillyness, of course.
I'd still bake cookies (yes, I know I still owe you oatmeal raisin.) ;)

A BYOMovie night would be sweet.

Looking at my calendar, the weekend after my birthday is the same as Jim's get-together, so that'd be a bad idea. The weekend before my birthday is Sunday 15th, which is the weekend after next.

How'd that Sunday be for you? Alternatively a weekend a bit after would work.

The 15th is Andrew's birthday, so the only way I could attend is my amputating a selected body part (no, you do *not* get to choose) or by, of course, allowing you free reign in my house.

It's your party, ergo I think you should schedule as your heart's content, but...my biases scream "no, not the 15th, cuz then I could wrangle you & greenstorm & invite to Andrew's" (as he is SO anti-social)

Alrighty then. Maybe Sunday the 22nd? That's right after Jim's party in Langley, but I suppose that this is low-key enough that it shouldn't really conflict.

Besides, I don't expect anyone to want to start earlier than noon anyhow, so anyone up late at Jim & Barb's will fit into that schedule just fine. :)

Moved to email because, well, because! :)

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