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Beatles music video game in the works
Harmonix has secured the rights to use Beatles music in a Rock Band–style game, which is under development and slated to be released as a stand-alone game in winter 2009.


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Hot damn! That's exciting as all hell. And it's probably the only thing I've seen so far that might even tempt me to pick up a next-gen console. (Though Twilight Princess came close, but wasn't tempting enough to warrant buying a new console all on its own.)

It's definitely making me sad that the wooden construction of this building precludes me having a RB drum kit for my 360. Well, that and having nowhere to put it...

Wow, awesome!

I'm still pondering if I'll get Rock Band or Guitar Hero: world tour. Decisions, decisions.

Of the two, Rock Band is a better game for casual play with friends. I don't know much about the solo modes of either of them, however.

Out of curiosity: On which consoles did you play them? I have to get the Wii-version in any case, that's the only next-gen console we own.

Only on the Wii. They're pretty low-horsepower games, so it doesn't matter which console you run it on, except for slight differences in the song lists. Oh, and the lack of downloadable content for the Wii versions, as I understand it.


We only have a Wii and a PS2. And as it seems, GH: WT is the first GH game to have downloadable content for the Wii. Hmm. Bah. I hate trivial decisions xD

Rock Band on Wii lacks a lot of things compared to on th 360: no downloadable songs, can't make custom avatars, the world tour is lame (just a list of songs to play in order, not like on 360 where you make your own set lists and play at different venues with different styles and audience sizes). Oh yeah, and RB2 probably won't import RB1 songs on the Wii like it does on 360.

It sounds like a lot of the missing features of RB1 will be in RB2 for Wii, but we'll see when it's out.

As far as I read on Wiki, those features are all in GH: WT.

Guitar Hero World Tour will allow players to create their own songs and share them with others through the Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection internet capabilities. [...] In addition to custom songs, players of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii versions will be able to download new licensed songs for the game. This is the first game in the Guitar Hero series to support download functionality on the Wii.

The only comparison review I read so far (that one) only strengthens my tendency to GH: WT. The instruments seem to be superior and the only complaint is that it is too hard, while RB2 is too easy - therefore, as fimmtiu mentioned, of course better for casual play with friends. But that will be, unfortunately, the exception :( and I'm rather advanced on GH already.

Still a tough decision and I have to make it until January latest.

Edited at 2008-11-01 10:08 am (UTC)

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