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IMAX and Tinseltown tickets funded California gay marriage ban
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The CEO of Cinemark, parent company of Tinseltown and IMAX theatres, gave $10,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign to amend the California state constitution to ban gay marriage.

Not surprisingly there are calls to boycott all Cinemark-owned theatres.

The last time I went to Tinseltown was to see a screening during the Out On Screen GLBTQ festival. Ironically that money helped to un-marry 8,000 gay Californians. I certainly won't be going there again.

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Hmph, bastards - I like(d) Tinseltown.

My sentiments exactly, darthmaus. Good thing I don't often go to Tinseltown/IMAX theatres (I think I've been to an IMAX theatre... twice?). I've always been one of those Famous Players/Cineplex kind of people. But that's mostly been a matter of convenience, not ideology...

Bugger. People suck.

This is what public disclosure will help with - making sure that everybody knows who supported what, and by how much. I'm sure there are campaigns mounting on the other side of the equation for all the people and businesses who were No on 8.


I'm not going there until they apologize and make good.

Waitaminute. Didn't we have the QUEER FILM FEST there?

IMAX is not owned by Cinemark, although Cinemark does operate some IMAX screens. This is the equivalent of saying that because the owner of Target made a donation, we should boycott the Nike shoes that his store sells. If you don't want to buy Nike from Target fine, but don't boycott NIKE. IMAX is a Canadian corporation, Cinemark is based out of Dallas.

You're right, thanks for pointing that out. I did some digging to confirm, and yes, IMAX is a company that sells their product (a film and theatre system) to theatre operators.

IMAX theatres are not independently branded here in Canada, which contributed to my confusion. Apparently the US theatres in question are branded "Cinemark IMAX", so they're not hard to identify as Cinemark theatres.

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