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Exhausted, but hopeful. Tentatively so. Relationship maintenance and building is hard stuff, and when the threads go so far back...

I don't have a wife, but it occurred to me that the federal gov't will be of the opinion that I do come October of this year. That's just weird. inki has an interesting article (the language of which is sometimes hard to follow, alas) about the false dichotomy between "frivolous" and "serious" relationships, and how the automatic associations that we layer on each is more cognitive hindrance than help.

I'm going to chat about my weekend, because that will be distracting and soothing. Why the weekend on a Thursday, albeit in the wee morning hours of a Thursday? Because of my work schedule I have begun to consider Monday and Tuesday part of the weekend, much to the distress of the people I rub off on. I do lose Friday nights and Saturday mornings, though...

GameCube update. I'll start here just because I can remember it rather than it being most important. I made a list of points I wanted to hit, but left the list behind. Ack.

Anyway, the GameCube. Fun. Pretty. I bought Metroid Prime on Monday and it's gorgeous. There are little spots where the beauty wears thin, such as the fact that the rain drops bouncing off the barrel of the gun don't change their idea of "down" when I look around, or the fact that some very few unimportant-plant textures are unusually low-resolution while everything else is pretty high-resolution.

Overall, though, it's immersive and manages to neatly capture the feel of its predecessors, especially the quintessential (to me) Super Metroid. Creeping through the orbiting space station, eerily empty of life except for gruesome experiments, slowly uncovering a disaster and the fact that the evacuation was a mere six hours ago... It was absorbing. I was strongly reminded of the scenes in which the crew of the Nostradamus land to asses the status of the mining colony only to find that... something... terrible had happened...

We ordered in indian Monday night, and halfway through dinner I realised that not only was there a vindaloo on the table (prawn), but there was beer in the fridge. Not just any beer either, but a lager. I was immensely amused, and found that lager and indian go surprisingly well together despite the source of their recommendation.

Damn; wish I hadn't forgotten that list. Oh yeah, I saw Dean this weekend for the first time in ages. We hung out, I got to see his (most recent) digs in town, we caught a showing of The Matrix Reloaded by a mere 5 minutes to spare, ate crepes on Granville (mmm!), and talked politics. Actually, I mostly talked the politics since Dean hasn't been reading the interesting stuff I have, but he did have some interesting takes and observations as always.

It turns out that half the production people I support at work will not be working Friday, having been called in on short notice Monday (with the usual jerking-around of schedules, meh). However, I will still be needed and won't be able to book the day off to go to the Brickhouse because there will be sheet metal crews until 2:30a and paint crews all night. Since the paint crews generally don't need Stores support, that means that I'll be missing my favourite event of the month for half a night's work and spend the rest of the night trying to find enough make-work to occupy me. Meh!

Sin City this month looks like a go. I've been offered SCA garb to meet the dress code and it already sounds like the dressing up will be lots of fun by itself. I'd like to go more often, but I just don't have the funds or the imagination to build up an appropriate wardrobe. All my ideas involve a few hundred dollars worth of leather or metal. Oo! Ooo! Maybe I can borrow some elf ears... They'd go just lovely with the SCA garb...

When I level out from being emotionally stretched or stressed I often have an annoying headache. Night Owl needs aspirin badly!

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I've got elf ears; you're welcome to 'em.

I had a sneaking suspicion that you'd be amenable to that idea.

I want pictures.

I promise I won't photoshop them to make them naughty.

Pictures should always be part of the pre-Sin City party. :D

I hadn't heard about this possibility this month. Joint event? If so which weekend?

I know not what saxifrage00 has specifically in mind (though we were talking about it on the weekend, briefly), but I'd really like to go, as I've never been. Methinks it is not this weekend approaching but the next one. Wanna come with?

Yes, not this weekend but the next, I would like us all four (and anyone else we can coordinate with) to go Gastown-way and attend Sin City.

The only reason I've not been pushing to go the last few times is the "I have nothing to wear!" thought. Maus pointed out (during discussions of SCA events) that we two could easily borrow some SCA garb, and that lead to considering doing the same for this month's Sin City.

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