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RP goodness
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I've been burned out as GM recently. Just poor group-GM dynamics, I think, which leave most of the burden of moving the game along on my shoulders. Fortunately, bits of the group have collectively decided that a game of Vampire: The Masquerade would be fun, and someone else is going to GM it.

YAY! I finally get to be a player!

I'd be very interested to play a lot of the different systems and settings out there, but a Vampire game should be a good first step coming from a strict diet of D&D for the past umpteen years.

Some games I've been drooling over:

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I've been talking about LARPs with Ray and Andrew... LARPs turn your crank at all?

Yes! Andrew is trying to convert us all to LARP'ing Changeling...and I'm intruiged. Just trying to figure out which clan. (Boggan, Sidhe, Redcap or Pooka are the current contenders, I think...) I downloaded a buncha books last night...You, Saxi n greenstorm et all wanna try it with us?

*flutter flutter*

I'm totally intrigued. greenstorm is being poked from all angles until she submits. ;-)

Don't even know anything about the world, yet, really.

Are you taking pictures?

Welll, the world is White Wolf's "World of Darkness" AFAIK, and works on the same system and basic premises. I was a little dissapointed, even, to learn that Fairy society basically works on the same underlying structures as vampire and werewolf ones, but that's a whole rant unto itself...So if you know Vampire or Werewolf, you will prolly be able to grok it easily...I haven't read alot, but enough to go "Oh yes, WW, up to your old tricks..."

Are you taking pictures?

<Mouse runs off to get digicam...>

Yeah, I actually am not familiar with Vampire or Werewolf and their ilk. My roleplay experience has been limited to D&D and a bit of Cyberpunk (and all this was quite a long time ago, too, sadly).

I dunno cyberpunk at all, but my general impression of WW games is they're more intruige, character development based and personal/power politicking than harsh combat. Which is good if you get tired of hack n slashing.

LARPs are, like karaoke, the sort of thing I might enjoy but may need to be dragged into.

I just don't have enough paper & pencil experience as a player to have established confidence in my ability to portray a character. I know I've GMed many, but as a GM I can fake it enough that the players are satisfied and can get on with the dungeon-delving.

I am going to be getting into this game of Vampire though, and I've already realised that it's folly to try to make only characters that I can identify with. It's always failed for me in the past, so this time I'm going to create a character that I can't identify with at all but is of a type/archtype that I can recognise, and thereby be able to portray.

We'll see how it goes. If I can work up some confidence in my characterisation skills, maybe a LARP would be a lark.

If you (and mousie and greenie??) promise to try with me, I promise yummy goodies! I'll be trying it anywho, but fun fun! Sides, where else can you be a Satyr????

Hrm, I can't promise for them...

I'm much more likely to come along if they drag me, in fact. But I think I'd be willing to be convinced, in general. :)

Yummy goodies are appealing.

Hrm, well, I have the .pdf's of most of the sourcebooks (I know, not as satisfying as *real* books) next time I see you in IM I can send them to you. Or you can get them off kazaa or something...

(My roommate also has the sourcebook, hard copy, so you can ogle that next time you're over as well...)

Have you seen Fudge or an implementation Force 9? It looks so sweet but all my gaming buddies have been separated geographically and I have not found any new ones yet.

Of course you know the danger of wanting to try new get to GM.

FUDGE is actually the system that is used to take care of taskrolls and other semi-coded contests on the MUD my SO volunteers on.

I find it very hard to "get into" a generic system. I'm a systems monkey by nature, so I have very high expectations from a system. Ones that are attached to a setting come under less scrutiny because the setting can carry the game even if the mechanics don't apeal to me aesthetically.

I've looked at GURPS, FUDGE, and the Window, and none really turn my crank. They just don't appeal aesthetically. Multiverser has a really interesting skills system that appeals to me, but it's very rules-heavy and only really worth the complexity if it's going to be applied to a universe-hopping campaign.

Any other generic systems you know that you can recommend?

Not really sorry. I actually don't use much in the way of systems anymore. I find that I love playing with them and figuring out how they work, but when it comes to running a game I barely touch the dice.

I think Amber ruined me.

I am a big fan of EarthDawn and Vampire The Masquerade!!!

I will try not to be jealous ... *drool*

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