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(no subject)
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Finally, I have this page looking decent in any version of Internet Explorer that supports CSS1. I ended up using SSI and the facilities of Apache's mod_setenvif module to force IE to see one set of style sheets customised to its particular bugs, while every other browser sees the unadultered style sheets. The page doesn't scroll right, but at least the menu is visible.

Alas, that Windows computer that I had was taken back by my brother, so I won't get to play LAN Half-Life any time soon. To test out this page in IE I had to reboot into Windows on my primary machine. Since the http server is on a dedicated server, I could SSH in to edit the site using the incomparable PuTTY, a high-quality Telnet/SSH client for Win32.

And now I am going to get out of this blasted operating system. *reboot*