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Mmm... Electricity...
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Jerry's EV Conversion is a page about (what else?) an Electric Vehicle conversion that he did on a 1985 Mazda 626. It's written as a record of his efforts and trials, in chronological order.

I want to do one of these some day. Some day, when I live some place with a garage or driveway... And have plenty of similarily interested people to lend a hand or tool. (How many people have an engine hoist?!)


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I'd love to do an EV conversion - the idea has been floating around my head for about 2 years now. No engine hoist though, but they are pretty cheap to get (that is, relative to the cost of the batteries and other assorted parts.
The station wagon is my prime target when the engine dies on it. It's got a pretty decent suspension right now, not 100% what the body is like after driving in Ontario for a few years though.

Hrm. I imagine that the suspension can be fairly important. I don't have any empirical data to hand, but the weight of the batteries does seem to increase the weight of the vehicle significantly in all the cases I've read about.

Still, I think the station wagon would be a good candidate. Lots of room to work in. I wonder what kind of space would be cleared out below the deck when the fuel and exhaust systems are removed? The only sticking point I can see is that it has an automatic transmission, while all the (admittedly few) EV conversions I've read about started with a standard transmission.

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