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REM and Radiohead both are coming to Vancouver, on two consecutive nights at the same venue. They're actually selling combination-deal tickets for them.

Hear that, Maus?

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hee :) I think I'm a little calmer now. Shouldn't be too much less coherent than I normally am (ain't that a relief? ;-) Set alarm in palm pilot for when tickets go on sale. Hmmm, should mark all calendars as well, and set alarm on phone, and tie strings around all my fingers, and... ;-)

Little scared about the fixed pricing they're detailing... that kind of indicates that these shows are general admission... that's scary, that means lining up four days in advance. Well, maybe not four days, but you get the picture.

REM puts on a great live show -- I haven't seen them in years, since the Up tour hit Toronto. Michael Stipe is quite the character to watch on stage.

I may need to get in on at least the REM component of this. I'm sure we can find something entertaining to do while waiting in line.

Oh, that would be wonderful. I fully intend to go to both. You've already seen me in both nuts-in-the-presence-of-live-music mode (although I was on the mellow side at Pearl Jam) and extremely-emotional mode, so I don't have to worry about scaring you :-)

We must discuss, and I will get n tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Breaking my Rule, but that's what rules are for ;-)

n++ tickets, perhaps? I've never been to a live concert, excepting the Arrogant Worms.

Of course n includes you if you want to come -- in fact it's one of those things that if you weren't there I'd be wishing the whole time that you *were*, thinking how much you'd enjoy it.

Wellllll, you'll enjoy it if pot smoke doesn't bother you, anyway. I don't smoke, but the rest of the stadium will :-)

It would be hard to live around here and be bothered by pot smoke!

No, I'll be fine. Er, I mean, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself -- it's REM, Radiohead, and Erin&Maus! How could I not?

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