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Eep! Eep eep. I just saw a mouse run by. :)

I'm at work, sitting in front of the computer on a tall stool-chair thing. A shadow runs by under my feet and I spot it out of the corner of my eye; looking down, I see this little dark gray mouse stop at the corner of a parts bin below my feet and sniff something on the floor. It's cute! I lean back to get a clearer view (it being below me) and it spots me -- and runs away as quick as its little mousy feet can carry it!

I've spotted mice in here before. The entires Stores department is a single large room filled out by metal shelving and workbenches. There are tonnes of places for mice to hide and plenty of low-mounted shelves to provide sheltered but clear mousy runs.

A much better night-time companion than the flies.

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Oo! There it goes again.

Mice are nice! Do say hello for me :)

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