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Neat Quiz!
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Now this is an interesting quiz. Take it and see. :-)

TotL.net Human Virus Scanner

Human Virus Scanner
The virus that have infected you will be show here along with thier cures, if known.

Viruses you suffer from:

Pikachu! Use your hyper-electric-get-a-life move now!

Install the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Learn to love it.

Stop wearing the stick-on ears.

Free BSD
The GPL isn't that bad really. Adopt a penguin at the zoo.

Eat some real food. Something which you can identify the source of every ingredient, not the point of manufacture.

Life is not a game. Roll 3D6. On a 4 or more go out and do something with your life.

Anything this old must be obselete. Go and install a nice modern operating system. I hear MSDOS has come a long way lately.

Buy a suit. Invest your money. Eat hotdog buns on a friday.

Try MacOS X. It's based on UNIX, it has a smoother UI than Windows and it doesn't suck.
As an extra feature the boxes look nice.

Escape Meta Alt Control Shift.

Stop caring!

Computer Games
Stop staring at the screen and get some fresh air. You should see a doctor about the RSI in your thumbs.

Conspiracy Theory
Face it, the elected government is in control. Actually that's quite scary.

If you find one tell us.

Consume more stuff! It's easier to buy new stuff than to recycle.

Use a mouse with more than one button.

Prog Rock
Long hair looks dumb with a bald spot. Listen to CD's they don't crackle.

Viruses you might suffer from:

USA (90%)
Rule, Britannia! Britannia rule the waves! [repeat]

8-Bit (90%)
Polygons, all the polygons you can get are not enough.

Japan (90%)
Big is good. Small is bad. Giant robots would not make a good last line of defence for Earth.

Religion (60%)
Read "God's Debris" by Scott Adams (yes, the Dilbert guy)

Brand Names (85%)
Having a well-known name doesn't make it good.

X11 (85%)
I hear Mac OS 10 Aqua is nice at this time of year.

Hippyism (80%)
Free love is passe and potentially dangerous, and patchouli smells like cat piss.