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"A gallon of milk isn't *that* much!"
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A lot of you have probably heard of it before: the bet that one can't drink a gallon of milk in an hour.

I haven't actually seen it attempted, but I've always been dubious. Milk is nasty stuff to digest at times.

Everything2 once again has the scoop. (Don't click if you don't want to wander hyperlinky for a while!) The short of it: don't accept the bet unless you're the one betting against and you like humiliating people.

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That is a spooky thing to even consider. I have never heard of this bet before, YICK!!!

The structures students a few classes ago had an open offer to anyone in the company who wanted to accept the bet. I don't think anybody took them up on it.

I rather suspect that management nixed it though, as gambling at work is sketchy at best. Office pools are one thing, but betting on whether someone will vomit up a gallon of milk or not is an entirely different matter.

please don't tell me you're an E2'er as well.

furthermore, that sounds frighteningly like a Rowan-eqsue quote.
my head is expoding.
I am terrorized by the link...
I must...

Which line, the hyperlinky one?

And I only use E2 for reference, I swear! ;-)

Yeah, yeah, the first one's free....

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