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I've developed a propensity for punning recently, and this is strange. I often don't even hear puns unless I'm looking for them and I've never had any talent for them. Until recently I wrote it off as a few freak accidents of phrasing, but it's getting to the point where I can do it regularly and consistently. I'm not confident in my ability to pun if I set out to do so, but a few more "accidents" and I'm going to have to reform my opinion of myself as a non-punner.

And as a note to all you who may suffer from my affliction in the weeks and years to come: when I say "no pun intended" I'm not drawing attention to a pun in an ironic way - I really mean it. That disclaimer exists for a reason and it irks me that it should be unusable due to its terrible misuse by people who can't let a good pun lie.

And, hey! it looks like I didn't pun once in the body of this update. Yay me.

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I don't know you.

*runs away*


I've also found a new intrest that I never knew I have, but I'll post that in my new update.

That did relate to what you just said, right?

Oh, and green? LOVE YOUR PIC

If you can call punning an "interest" it relates, yes. :-)

I'll have to go read that update now though, to make sure I really know what you're talking about.

I knew you had it in you ;-) Now, wait till you meet Dougie. He's the king of puns.

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