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Hey, daylight savings time is over. Woo.

So I upgraded to IE 6.0 (*shudder*) on the other machine, and this page is at least navigable, if not pretty. Mozilla (and decendants) render it beautifully, although I'm not sure if that's because its CSS2 support is good or if it's just because that's my target platform. I can say for sure that its CSS2 support is better than IE's, since IE doesn't support the position: fixed property at all. (For those of you browsing with Internet Explorer, the sidebar on the right is supposed to stay put while the rest of the page scrolls. This is a stupid thing for a modern browser to not do right.) In addition, IE 6.0 requires a properly formed DOCTYPE declaration in order to use the advances in CSS support that it gained over IE 5.5, otherwise it drops into a "quirks mode," which basically means that it emulates all the bugs in the IE 5.5 renderer. Sigh. On the plus side, that means that I've finally learned how to write a proper DOCTYPE declaration. Yay me.

On the plus side, I notice that IE 6.0 finally supports the :first-letter selector, so my ivory-on-field-of-silver "W" in the top header now looks the way it should.

Konqueror 2.2.2 doesn't get it quite right either, but then I suspect that's as much my fault as Konqueror's. If you look at the source or render the page with the stylesheets turned off, you'll notice that there are little "|" vertical-bar separators between the menu links. This is because I like to support text-based browsers such as lynx and w3m, and that separator is a common convention in menus of text-only-friendly pages. Of course, I don't want it spoiling the pretty CSS sidebar that I've got, so I've wrapped them in an arbitrary HTML tag <frou> and assigned that tag the style { position: absolute; visibility: hidden } in order to remove it from the flow of the page and keep it from displaying. Alas, this works in Mozilla, but not in Konqueror or IE. I suspect that I really shouldn't be using an arbitrary tag like that, though...