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My First Flash
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A friend has been teaching my SO to juggle. Today I asked her about it as I played with the three balls she'd borrowed.

"When the ball gets here you throw the one you're holding," she tells me. I start tossing around two of them. "Yeah, like that," she says. I'm not quite juggling, but she's shown me the key that I've been missing ever since I tried to teach myself years ago and failed horribly.

She goes and takes a shower. I keep tossing the two balls, one toss at a time before "resetting" my hands to throw again, working on the timing and relaxing into the motion. I try to reverse it, tossing from left to right, since she said before turning on the water that this was the next step. I get that part down. I practice for a while, getting comfortable with switching back and forth and with the circular motion of the hands.

I don't really have a perfect handle on it and I'm still occassionally missing a catch, but I decide to try three. Up, up, up, I catch two and drop the third. Well, that went as well as could be expected, but I could see</strong> where I literally dropped the ball. The trouble with juggling is that every time one messes up the pattern gets completely screwed up and there's only flashing images in the back of one's head to diagnose the problem. I had that key now, though, and I could pick up from where I left off.

Keep tossing, keep tossing, keep tossing... And I got it. I threw my first flash: Up, Up, catch, Up, catch, Up, catch, completely screw up.

So I ran in at that point and shouted that I threw my first flash, kissed her through the downpour, and then ran back to keep at it. I managed a couple flashes in a row, maybe three, but it's hard to count them when I'm just trying to keep them in the air. My form is probably terrible: very up-and-down, not very much like the double-arches that it should be, but it's a start.

Now that I've discovered that I can learn to juggle I will put it aside and only occasionally play with it, just to show myself that I can, so as to not make the SO feel like she has competition.

Thank you, Love, for giving me that key.

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That's great. I've always wanted to learn how to juggle. I can moonwalk, very horribly, but people says it looks cool and I've tried to teach them but they never get it.

Ah well, we all have our party tricks. ;)

Tell you what: once I'm sufficiently good at three-ball juggling that I can do it without thinking too hard I'll teach you how to do it too.

Hey, if I can learn to juggle in 15 minutes with the right instruction anyone can, right?

I guess. ^__^ Do you know how to moonwalk? Just curious

Not a clue how to moonwalk. We can trade. :-)

Yay :) I've got silly ideas in my head of four-person club passing extravaganzas... maybe some day ;-)

I've got three in a row too, now, and I actually got a juggle but it doesn't count since I caught it bouncing off the wall and not because I threw accurately.

So, um... pthbt!

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