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Making A.I. Blush
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Now this was an entertaining exchange with the 20 Questions A.I. at 20Q.net:

Does your mother know what you are thinking about?
I am not allowed to talk about stuff like this, but,
I am guessing that it has something to do with sex?
 Yes ,  No , Close

Answering "Yes" yielded this result:

You win, but the computer did guess it eventually

Play Again

You were thinking of something to do with sex.
You said it is classified as Animal, I say Other.
Is it made in many different styles? You said Yes, I say No.
Does it come from something larger? You said Unknown, I say Yes.
Contradictions Detected
It does not matter if our answers disagree, as over time the game will change its answers to reflect common knowledge. If you feel that the game is in error, the only way to fix it is to play again.

Similar Objects
a muscle (body part), a finger, a thumb, a cell, a lip, a dik dik (African antelope), a banana pepper, a neuron, a butt (rear end), a gland, a worm, a hair follicle.

Uncommon Knowledge about a penis
Can you drink from it? I say Yes.
Is it awake at night? I say Yes.
Do you use it when it rains? I say Yes.
Is it symbolic? I say Yes.
Can you eat off of it? I say Yes.
Does it have feelings? I say Yes.
Does it have a title? I say Yes.
Can it do tricks? I say Yes.
Is it round? I say Doubtful.
Can you see it in a zoo? I say Yes.
Is it spontaneous? I say Yes.
Does it get really hot? I say Yes.
Does it come in specific sizes? I say No.
Is it delicious? I say Yes.
Can you use it at school? I say No.
Is it addictive? I say Yes.