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A Paris company is testing a short-distance, rapid-transit rolling walkway in the spirit of Aasimov's Robots and Earth.

A group calling themselves Free-X have discovered an exploit in the XBox Dashboard which allows a software-only mod-chip equivalent. As usual, Microsoft has refused to discuss the security hole.

Printer ink is more expensive than vintage champagne. This is rather timely, as my latest inkjet cartridge gave up the ghost earlier today.

I want a DTMD connection in my cardboard box.

And finally, in line with what a number of people have said in earshot of my Microsoft Natural keyboard, it's suspected that ergonomic keyboards may not be as useful as previously thought.

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A Paris company is testing a short-distance, rapid-transit rolling walkway in the spirit of Assimov's Robots and Earth.

Pretty sure Heinlein did it first ... I have the book in my library and will go and dig it out shortly to give you the title (just got back from Mermaid's Tourney so it might take me until tomorrow to actually do that). Maybe I am wrong on the timing, but I don't think so.

I haven't read that Heinlein yet, let me know which it is when you find it.

For that matter, Clark used the idea in the novelette Against Fall of Night. I thought that Aasimov did it first, but it's likely that's just because his was the first that I read. He certainly developed it in a plausible way.

Both of all y'all -- it's 'The Roads Must Roll'. It's a short-ish story in "The Past Through Tomorrow" (top shelf right hand side) if you want to read it. He may have used the idea in other stories as well, but this is the only one I remember. Not sure if this is before Asimov did it or not...

I came across it just now and remembered this relatively aged discussion :)

That's the one !


Been busy ... forgot to go check! *blush*

It was a great short story ... a good read and a lovely idea.

Take Maus up on her offer, CaptainK. You will not regret it.

Done and done.

It is a good story. I'm constantly fascinated by pulp sci-fi and all the wonders therein made from gears and vacuum tubes. Some readers consider it quaint, but I really enjoy that style in a steam-punk sort of way.

Now to finish reading the rest of the anthology.

RAH a pulp fiction writer ... *gasp* ... perhaps I am not fully understanding your use of the phrase.

I know what the term means and where it came from ...

No, I'm misapplying the term. I associate that era of sci-fi with pulp simply because the majority of sci-fi around that time was pulp.

The best example I can think of of good sci-fi pulp with the radio, vacuum-tube, and radiation fetish from that era is George O. Smith's The Complete Venus Equilateral.

Right-o. Remind me to ask after that book when I'm there.

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