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Glorious Day
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It's been a beautiful day. I drove out to Nicomen Island this afternoon to swap a CD burner into a more useful computer for a friend who lives out that way. The drive was sunny and peaceful, and the mountains were a sight to see even with the low haze that often plagues this end of the valley.

My hair is growing out nicely now that it's past the awkward length. I got a compliment on it today. :-)

Supper is on the stove: scotch broth à la can, black olive ciabatta, (oh shit! it just boiled over) and some camembert cooling in the fridge.

Now I'm going to go clean up that soup, eat leisurely, play a bit of Zelda: The Wind Waker or Metroid Prime, make lunch, and go to work.

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I've never played on a Gamecube before, and I'm dying to try out that new Zelda...

Thansk so much for the CD Burner Kynnin! ^_^

BTW, mum says Thanks very much. She wanted to pay you for it, you know. =) But you ran away before she could see you!

The burner was yours after all, I just moved it to a more useful spot. ;-) I'd only have been comfortable accepting at most $5 for the gas anyway. Tell her to think of it as a gift. :-)

I'm about two-thirds of the way through it and it's HUGE.

It's fun; I'm sure you'd enjoy it. You're welcome to come visit sometime and play.

Well, I'm glad you're nearly through it. I love playing Zelda, but not really trying to beat it... my Zelda: Ocarina of Time on N64 is still sitting there, unbeaten, and has been for about three years.

I just like riding Epona, and talking to the Zoras. >:)

Geeze, I have to start trying to beat that thing... stupid Shadow Temple.... *shoots it for all it's worth* that's the last temple I have to do.

Having played both, I'd say that Wind Waker is somewhat easier than Ocarina of Time.

Oh, speaking of Zelda 64, because I got the special edition of GC Zelda bundled with my GameCube it came with GameCube editions of Zelda 64 and Zelda 64: Master Quest. :-D


I was over at Mary's today (dunno if you know her) and played on the Gamecube She was borrowing. My god, Metroid Prime is boring! >_< So is 007 NightShade(or summat)...

Unless you play right from the beginning, both Zelda and Metroid are dead boring.

They've always been like that, too. :) I remember Zelda 3: Link to the Past looking really neat but being annoyingly boring when I tried it at a friend's place, but after owning and finishing it several times it's still my favourite of the series, and possibly my favourite game.

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