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Surprise Sunrise
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This morning I was breaking down carboard boxes as the end of my shift neared.

I was feeling rather meandering and unfocused, and I was glad that morning had almost arrived. I had opened the large loading door to get some pleasant morning air and a view of the sky as it lightened, as well as to be able to hear some of that pleasant world-waking-up noise.

One particularly large, double-layered box was getting special attention and I was bent down over it as I sectioned it so that it would fit neatly in the cardboard bin. It happened to be just the right spot to be kneeling; I looked up and out the door for a moment and was stunned by the unexpected sight of gold sunlight pouring through the trees across the way.

We have an Olympus digital camera in Stores so that we can document shipping damage the moment a mishandled package arrives. (We learned our lesson when we missed the forklift-holes in the uninspected bottom of a several-hundred pounds crate that was holding a very expensive piece of airplane wing.)

I got a picture.

A co-worker on a previous shift had left behind his copy of Johnny Cash's America IV: The Man Comes Around and I had his covers of Hurt, Personal Jesus, and In My Life on continuous loop.

It was a rather peaceful, if rather unproductive and surreal, shift.

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Gah. I had actually cringed away from the monitor when I saw the rising sun.

I am amused. :)

I find it interesting that working night shift has given me such a deep appreciation for the qualities of early mornings. I can never get myself up early enough for them when I'm on day shift, but it gives me fantasies of rising with the sun anyway.

I wish the sun would rise where I am. The sky just sort of... get's lighter until it's noon and the sun appears above your head. Though it was awesome when I stayed up all night. At 4:00, when it was still pitch dark, I went outside and was startled by a cacophony of twitterings, and singing from birds. It was so eerie listening to hundreds of birds sing in the dark.

Yeah, so that's my morning experience. ^_^

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