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Canada annex a country? What will they think of next?
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spectral42 twigged me to this surreal bit of news: Canada is contemplating annexing (with their permission, of course) Turks and Caicos, an island group in the British West Indies.

(That's just north of of Haiti and east of Cuba, for the atlas- or inline-images-challenged.)

Canada? No, you're kidding, right? Canada doesn't do that sort of imperialist thing, does it?

I thought it was a hoax, at first (and it still might prove to be), but it seems internally consistent to my reading, and it has a legitimate history of being suggested on Parliament Hill.

Apparently it's to be done in a particularly benevolent, non-interfering, partnering, "Canadian" way, according to a lobby group called Canadians for a Tropical Province. (At least, I'm assuming they're a lobby group, otherwise they've little chance of putting anything in motion.)

How bizarre. Canadian health-care, defence, and tourism dollars for Turks and Caicos; and a welcome addition to the tourism industry and additional tax revenues for Canada. How bizarre; it might just happen.

Next, let's annex Colorado. We need a decent hockey team.

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Ahaha... XD Sorry, I just had to laugh.

I'll read it when I'm not so sleepy... sounds interesting. (PS: Hey, do you like my new image? *points to the rabbit*

A wolf in rabbit's clothing? ;)

I remember when this was originally proposed. I recall the objections included the high HIV rates there.

But it would be a cool place to have as part of us.

Right then, no sex tourism in Turks and Caicos for me.

Maybe an startling increase in HIV rates in the Canadian population will spur further discoveries toward a cure?

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