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Aspartame Kills
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Ganked from breklor's Journal:

Aspartame Kills
It really does.

Seriously. This is a well-written article, as far as I can tell. Check it out, then go flush all your Diet Coke down the crapper.

I've been hearing this for years. All the online literature I've read has come off as being alarmist, though, so while abstaining from aspartame I still kept a healthy skepticism both ways. This article isn't conclusive, but it's well-written and avoids the use of inflammatory language, instead offering information on the documented* effects of aspartame consumption.

I'm still not gonna eat or drink that stuff. To my mind, if refined sugar is bad as it is, what's the sense in replacing it with something even more artificial? persephone_qd has a bottle of stevia for sweetening her tea; I think I'll see about acquiring some of that.

* Unfortunately, it doesn't provide references, so reader beware.

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I've never trusted the stuff.

Then there's my mom, who stubbornly refuses to choose the lesser of evils by putting three packets of sweetener in the coffee she washes her donut down with.

Dude, your stevia and sweetening links are mixed...

*whistle* That is freaky... Heh, well I never drank Cola or anything! Wait... is there aspartame in Iced Tea? *gasps*

Not likely, unless it's "diet" ice tea. It'll be listed in the ingredients. Anything with real sugar or derivatives thereof is probably safe from aspartame.

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