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On the RIAA and Mickey Mouse
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There has grown up in the minds of certain groups in this country the notion that because a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the government and the courts are charged with the duty of guaranteeing such profits in the future, even in the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This strange doctrine is not supported by statute nor common law. Neither individuals nor corporations have any right to come into court and ask that the clock of history be stopped, or turned back , for their private benefit.
    -- Robert A. Heinlein, 1939

Granted, I don't know how true this is now (or was then). It is certainly unfortunate the degree to which campaign money thrown at American politicians has created the current reality where that sentiment is forgotten.

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oooh ... wonderful quote.

Where did you get it?

It's from the short story Life-Line, which I just read in The Past Through Tomorrow. It's the first short in the book, just before The Roads Must Roll.


Thank you.

I will have to remember that.

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