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Higher Education
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I've been pondering work and my future, and how I'm going to get there from here. I would like to go back to school and upgrade my skills. Eventually, I would like to go back to college or university and finish my degree in computer science. I hear from an old classmate that Langara is going to be offering a full degree program beyond the current two-year certificate program.

But that's all in the more distant future. What I would like to do first is get an MCSE (and put my money where my mouth is, lazarus7) to give me a kick-start into the industry. Next I would go for a RHCE/RHCT to round out my training. Those two together would at least give me a piece of paper that I could wave at potential employers, or I might consider doing consulting work. I just need to get out of this damned job before it drives me batty... but more on that in a friends-only entry.

Financing, a time-line, a possible move into town, and a lot of other details lie in the wings waiting for my attention, but I will get to them in good time. Right now I've got my inspiration, and a direction.

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Hey ... if you are serious about wanting to do those sorts of things, feel free to use me as a reference, however I can be of assistance.

I have a nice collection of MS Press books for your Win2K track that you are most welcome to borrow (they are currently in use by one other friend but you sound like you are planning not for tomorrow but for a little further off).

Anyhow ... back to your regularly scheduled apathetication of work (is that even a real word?? perhaps I should just stick with pococurantism).

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