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The garden is watered, thanks to the Lee Valley Tools watering hose that the SO got for her birthday from me mum. It's a 30" coil that stretches out to 50' and attaches to the kitchen faucet.

The hose can reach every pot on the deck and every room in the apartment. Watering all the plants still took me two hours since we've been out of town during the hot weather and they needed a deep soak. It takes the SO less time with a watering can, so I'm sure this will speed things up considerably for her. The only trick is emptying the water out of all the coils of hose -- imagine trying to hold three feet of thick slinkey upright above the sink while trying to keep the links from expanding and drooping sideways.

Oh, and I finally found the o-ring that prevents the wand from leaking where it meets the hose. The bloody thing matches the carpet.

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I tried to get one of those once and was told they couldn't get them in, even though they were in the catalog. Guess I should try again!

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