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The Simple Guide to Relationships
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Or Why Love is Simpler Than You Think

Posted by mama_hogswatch in this thread in the polyamory community.

I firmly believe that life and love should be much simpler than they're all made out to be. I run into people who have told me, many times, "It's not as easy as you think it is." Each time I explain, as patiently as I can, that I said simple. Not easy.
I'm posting this outline of the above article as much as a quick reference for myself as anything else. Share and Enjoy.
  • Every relationship is unique
  • Anyone has the right to form whatever relationships they wish
  • Believe your partner
  • Be Sincere
  • Apologize When You Screw Up
  • Tell the Truth
  • Wipe Front to Back
  • Never lie to a partner
  • Don't tug on Superman's cape

Now go read it.

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Simple? Yes. Easy? No. This is what I aspire to. These days, I seem to be applying the "Apologize when you screw up" rule more than any other ;-)

Yeah. As any CS major knows, Simple is Better. Simpler just isn't always easier.

Yeah, it's funny how, in 5 years of university, I don't think *ANYONE* every taught us the KISS principle.

Thank you ...

that was a good link.

Aaaand of course I need this again, so I'm glad it came up during this idle re-reading your entire archive. :-(

Interesting: SIX YEARS LATER, another idle re-reading of your old posts, and I run into this link.

The original post has moved. Guess where it re-directs to?

A link you tweeted... just last week.


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