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I am Jack's utter wonderment
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Tell me -- is this not talented?

And this one I'm linking for darthmaus, even if H and S apparently have got to them first...

And this one I'm linking for me, just because I find it so damned funny no matter how many times I read it.

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Is this a friend of yours? That stuff is great and definitely fun.

Yeah, she's a friend of mine. She's learning and growing her talent yet so she's a lot to learn, and is occasionally frustrated when trying something new, but man is some of that stuff impressive.

And by a lot to learn, I mean relative to what she's already done. It's light-years beyond anything I could do. ;-) "Those who can, do. Those who can't become critics."

Wow, those are amazing! And, yes, I can definitely relate to that comic... they're on your server, babe, who did 'em?? And who are H and S?

H and S would be the two Little Sisters I Never Had who keep mentioning to you.

rheall is the talented artist, and also one of the budding writers on my Friends page.

Wow, Kynnin... thank you so much... I'm... wow... *hugs you tiiiiight*

( Oh, and the first lotr parody comic, it was supposed to be "S" and Caroline. =D )

Very, very good stuff -- I'm impressed :)

Mmmm, Legolas... *slap* sorry!

Like the bat wings. Dood.

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