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As predited the crack in the lens of my car's headlight has caused the headlight to short out at the first rain. I didn't expect it to rain today and it took me by surprise, too late to speed-tape the hole.

I suppose I shouldn't have watered the garden -- the modern equivalent of a rain dance seems to be watering a badly parched garden after weeks of unbroken blue skies.

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Argh. That's irritating.

Fluffy the Grouper makes angry faces at your malfunctioning headlight. Grrr, grrr.

What's rather nice is that it has a backup light that cut in as soon as the main shorted. It's those little corner lenses that I could never figure out what they were for, as they never lit.

And, even nicer, while night-driving I can't much tell the difference between having the main headlight and having just the backup lit.

Now I just need to remember to call around for pricing on replacement headlights on Friday.

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