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Dead Horse
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Australians call ketchup "dead horse." I don't know why.

"Hey mate, y'want some dead horse on yer burger?"

"Yes, thanks, I would like some dead horse."

Then there are those wacky Americans who call it "catsup," of all things.

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Imagine the look on the faces...

"D'you want catsup wi' that?"

"... /Yes/, give me of your cat soup, you Americain!"

Ok, after not inconsiderable net research I have found that Dead Horse is cockney rhyming slang for Tomato Sauce, which then got inherited to ketchup. Why don't we get this? Well, in australian Sauce and Horse rhyme. Why dead? Still no idea.

While researching, tho' I came across another interesting bit of slang : Figjam.

Which stands for : Fuck I'm good, just ask me.

The Simple Guide to Australian Pronunciation:

"Banana" is pronounced "bananer," and "car" is pronounced "cahh."

Similarly, "sauce" is pronounced "source."

Also, "oi" is punctionation.

Oooh. I like Figjam. I gotta use that.

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