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Well looky here, a new toy
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I showed darthmaus my hand-written excuse for a homepage and was informed that it does, indeed, qualify as a blog. So now I'm going to see what a "real" blog is like.

Now to play with my new toy. I wonder how much of the stylesheet I can mess with? To the FAQ!

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Hey, you!

Your handwritten excuse is pretty damned cool too. A lot of people use commercial software to do what you've got going there. And me, I ain't no web programmer at ALL, so I'm impressed.

But of course I'm glad to have you here, reading my naughty bits. Even the slightly-embarrassing-in-retrospect "So I met this cute boy..." posts ;-)

I'm not sure why (and believe me, writing this stuff makes me wonder and go huh?) but I get really sardonic when I write about myself in a public forum. Thus the self-depreciating crap in there about my home page. I'm working on it!

The "So I met this cute boy..." posts are quite flattering. I almost wish I could reciprocate in my journal, but I'm afraid that self-consciousness and my general pace of updating means that it won't happen. Probably.

[quote voice="british-y"]Ooch, a naughty bit! Naughty bits have many uses.[/quote]

Keep in mind that I posted the "so I met this cute boy..." stuff before it ever occurred to me that you'd be *reading* it.

Oh, I know. I used the word "reciprocate" loosely... I don't think I could write anything so revealing knowing you're reading this. I expect that you're feeling the same way. :)

I dunno -- it would be a bit silly now to pretend that I don't do stuff like that, wouldn't it? :)

Yeah, the great thing about the friends list system is that I know exactly who can read the posts that are more personal, and of course the irony is that the more 'friends' I have, the less I can write freely about what's on my mind!

True, true.

prettydark has worked out a system of filters to give her more finely-grained control over which friends see what posts. The things you can do with a geek-controlled system that you couldn't with a marketroid-controlled system...

Aha! Thanks for the tip -- I was only peripherally aware that one could do such a thing, hadn't quite checked it out. But I just did, and set up a couple of custom groups.

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