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Saving Private Lynch
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Everyone remembers the daring rescue of Pte. First Class Lynch in the last (official) days of the Coalition-Iraq war, right?

Everyone remembers how she was shot, stabbed, and captured after a climactic battle with ambushers, and how the special force of Navy Seals and Marines liberated her from the armed enemy?

Reporters who wouldn't parrot the military's propaganda were kept out of the country during the official war. "Embedded" reporters were carefully chosen and their articles subject to review by the officers of the platoons they were assigned to. CBC reporters were denied entry on the grounds that it was a mouthpiece for an uncooperative government. Long after the fact, now that the ends have been achieved and the means can be glossed over, real investigative reporting on what actually happened during the war is finally being done. The true story of Jessica Lynch is just one example.

The American media disgusts me.